The Positive Power of Self-Talk

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An in-depth look at the effects of self-talk and how you can make it work better for you. This course will give you the tools you need to defeat Negativity when you have to. This course is FREE - just click on Enroll Now below.  Once you have enrolled all free courses will be available to you.

Some of the topics covered:

*** Boosting your confidence by changing your Self-talk
*** How can Mindfulness help with negative self-talk
*** Making self-talk your ally
*** The science behind positive self-talk
*** Keeping self-talk positive on a daily basis
*** Types of negative self-talk and how to block them
*** Practical steps to improve your life with self-talk

This is a multi-format course with 5 units.

Each unit contains:

HD Video
Text for the video

Price: Free
Compatibility:  Desktop,Mac,Laptop,Tablets, Smartphone & Smart Devices


Module 1 Free Module
Unit 1 3 Steps to Boosting Your Confidence by Changing Your Self-Talk
Unit 2 3 Ways Mindfulness Tames Negative Self-Talk
Unit 3 4 Steps to Change Your Self-Talk to Be Your Ally
Unit 4 6 Practical Steps to Improving Your Life with Positive Self-Talk
Unit 5 The Science Behind Positive Self-Talk